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Mississippi Due Process Lawyer

Achieving Due Process in Contract Bidding Disputes

Was your company unfairly denied a contracting job for which you had the lowest bid? Did the town, city, state or federal government deny your construction permit on the basis that your bid did not conform to project standards?

At George W. Healy IV & Associates, in Mississippi and Louisiana, we represent businesses that are unlawfully denied due process in the public bid process.

Whether you work in construction, sewage, engineering or another contracting field, our attorneys can help investigate the circumstances behind the public bidding process in question. Contact us by phone, e-mail or fax. Your initial consultation is always free of charge. Call 800-858-4549 toll-free.

Examining Your Public Bid Process for Due Process Violations

Our experienced public bid denial lawyers will help your business determine whether its rights were violated and what path should be taken to challenge the bidding process.

As part of our comprehensive representation, we will:

  • Review your bid package and bid denial to determine whether your public bid conformed to the project standards, laws and time requirements
  • Inspect the winning contractor’s bid to determine if it was compliant with all specifications, bidding rules and environmental laws
  • Review your transactions around the bid, as well as the transactions between the winning contractors and the public authority
  • Submit a protest/appeal of the bidding decision

You may be asked to submit another bid after our representation commences. We can verify that your bid meets all regulations, laws and project requirements, as well as help ensure that the bidding process is conducted fairly.

Difficulties in the Public Bidding Process

While the public bidding process may seem outwardly “fair,” there may be other “questionable” forces at work. For example, other businesses may low-ball their bid, making it impossible for other contractors to respond. Also, the short time that you have to prepare the bid, estimate the price you can offer and submit your bid may make it difficult to meet deadlines.

Once you account for the fact that there might be biased decision makers working for the government or unfair practices by other contractors, it is easy to see how “fair” becomes “questionable.” That is precisely where we come in. Let us help you achieve fairness in the public bidding process.

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