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Gulfport Appeal Attorneys

A good appeals lawyer is one who can be a great advocate both in the courtroom, but perhaps even more importantly, and in an appellate brief. Experienced and thorough persuasive writing skills are critical to having a successful appellate attorney. If you require appellate work in a personal injury case, business law matter or family law dispute, we can help you.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Appellate Attorneys

At George W. Healy IV & Associates, we have been providing quality legal services throughout Mississippi and Louisiana for the past 20 years. Our skilled and experienced appeals lawyers have handled many appeals. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your appeals case.

Need a skilled appellate attorney? You can contact our firm online or call toll free 800-858-4549 to consult with one of our skilled Gulfport appeals lawyers.

Our Appellate Work

Our firm is a boutique law firm that provides quality legal representation for select practice areas. Appellate work is one of our focused practice areas. We can handle virtually any kind of appellate work involving business law or personal injury cases. Whether you suffered a serious injury in a car accident and need to appeal your case or are unhappy with a business related decision, let us help you.

We have taken on some of the most complex appellate work and have the unique talent required to successfully take on your appeal. In fact, we are even hired on by other attorneys to write appeals for them, due to our reputation for quality appellate work. We believe in concise, clear and persuasive writing, arguing the facts and the law to your greatest advantage.

Contact Us Today — New Orleans Personal Injury Compensation

If you are interested in appealing your case, our appeals lawyers can help you. We are able to handle the most complex of personal injury, business or family law-related appeals. We look forward to discussing your case with you during your free initial consultation with George W. Healy IV & Associates. Contact us online or call us at 800-858-4549 toll-free.

Some of our successful appeals for both plaintiffs and defendants are as follows:
West v. Collins, 648 So.2d 500 (1994);
Woods v. Holzheauer, 847 So.2d 771, (3rd Cir 2003);
Bryant v. Solomon 712, So.2d 145, (4t Cir 1998);
Siether v. Winnebago, 808 So.2d 792, (4th Cir. 2002);
Williamson v. Edmunds, 880 So. 2d 310, (Miss. Supr Ct 2007; and
Farve v. Jordan River Estates, 2014 Miss Lexis 499 (Miss. Supr Ct 2014).