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Gulfport Investment Securities Fraud Lawyer

Are you a retiree who has been victimized by investment fraud, or financial services or broker fraud?

Have your retirement benefits and funding been ransacked by predatory investment promoters and investors?

You have a right to keep and enjoy the money you worked hard to earn for many years. We protect that right, and those funds, and go after those who would defraud you, at the George W. Healy IV & Associates law offices in Gulfport, Mississippi and New Orleans.

Senior citizens deserve all the protection from unscrupulous businesspersons that our law firm and government institutions can provide. Misleading advice and false promises have led to the depletion of hard-earned, long-saved retirement funds. The victims of these risky investments then have nowhere to turn.

We hope you will turn to us. We command considerable experience representing investment fraud clients, and our lawyers have been committed to safeguarding the financial interests of people just like you.

Contact us today by phone, e-mail or fax to speak with us. Your initial consultation is always free of charge. Call now, toll-free: 800-858-4549.

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At the George W. Healy IV & Associates law firm, we want to help you keep your IRAs and 401Ks free from harm. Also, if you have been convinced to invest in highly unnecessary, inappropriate life insurance policies and variable annuities, you should be in touch with our attorneys immediately.

Other ways in which victims of investment fraud are preyed upon are through excessive commissions and fine print that can come back to haunt them. Those who are beyond customary employment age, whose savings wind up depleted and who find themselves uninsured, are the big losers in the investment fraud game.

We can bring aggressive legal action against those who cheated you. We thoroughly investigate your claim, consult with you, map our strategy and actively seek out the responsible parties. You will have complete peace of mind that every issue in your complaint is being handled vigorously by us.

Don’t delay. Notify us immediately when you find that you have been defrauded by a suspicious investment scheme.

Florida Clients Can Call Toll-Free: 800-858-4549

When you contact us at that number, or by e-mail or fax, we can begin working diligently on your behalf. Those who tried to deceive you out of your retirement funds should be held accountable for their actions. Legally establishing that accountability for clients is what we do at the George W. Healy IV & Associates law firm.