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Mississippi Maritime Lawyer

Were you injured while employed on the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, or other waterway? If so, you may be entitled to financial relief under the Jones Act.

At George W. Healy IV & Associates, our personal injury lawyers will seek full compensation for your injuries under the Jones Act. For more than 20 years, our maritime lawyers have fought to secure full and fair compensation for injured offshore workers.

We investigate thoroughly and litigate aggressively. The negligent or reckless parties that caused your injury must be held liable. Contact us at 800-858-4549 toll-free to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are located in Gulfport, and New Orleans.

Covering Injuries Caused by Negligence and Unseaworthy Vessels

The Jones Act, a federal law also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, gives injured seamen a right to compensation for their injuries. If you were injured by the negligence of your employer or co-workers while employed on a ship, you may be entitled to legal relief.

Similarly, if your injuries were caused by a vessel that was unseaworthy (not safe or not fit for its purposes), you may seek relief under the Jones Act.

Who is Entitled to Compensation Under the Jones Act?

The experienced personal injury attorneys at George W. Healy IV & Associates will take the time to explain the law, answer your questions and help you determine whether your injury qualifies under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act covers a wide range of river workers and offshore workers, including officers, technicians, crewmen, ferry workers, pilots and others injured while working on:

  • Tugboats and barges
  • Supply boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Dredges, floating cranes
  • Drilling ships, submersible rigs
  • Cruise ships, ferries, water taxis, recreational boats

Please note, unlike workers’ compensation, you must be able to show that you were injured due to the fault (negligence) of your employer or your vessel’s unseaworthiness.

What Relief Is Available Under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act provides both economic and non-economic damages for injured seamen. This includes daily pay and medical care. If you lost a loved one or relative due to their work on a vessel, you may also be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

No Attorney Fees Unless We Win

We handle all Jones Act cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will owe no attorney fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

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