Zoning Dispute Representation in Gulfport, Mississippi & new orleans, Louisiana

Mississippi Zoning Lawyers
Did a city or municipality arbitrarily violate your civil rights in connection with zoning requirements? An experienced zoning disputes attorney can help you appeal the city's decision and get your business plans back on track.
At George W. Healy, IV & Associates we protect the rights of clients who have been unfairly prohibited from using their land due to local zoning regulations. We have more than 33 years of experience fighting for businesses' and individual's rights.
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Zoning Disputes and Appeals
Our lawyers will appeal your zoning decision to the local zoning board or appeals court, whether it involves:
  • Commercial developments
  • Building permits
  • Subdivisions and site plans
  • Variances and special permits
  • Re-zoning
  • Commercial or industrial zoning
We will zealously protect your best interests throughout any zoning dispute, whether it relates to population density, use, building height or another factor.
Our comprehensive representation may include challenging the zoning ordinance on its face, seeking a variance or special permit, or pursuing a civil fiats lawsuit to further your building objectives.
Valuable Experience • Personal Attention
At George W. Healy, IV & Associates, we always offer you effective, personalized and results-oriented representation. We recently represented a condominium company that was denied a building permit based on a density statute. The court agreed with us that the city zoning ordinance was vague as applied, and our client was allowed to proceed with construction.*
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* Our case successes are sample cases that we won based on case-specific factors. While we cannot guarantee these amounts, we can guarantee the same kind of aggressive representation and personal client service that we gave these clients.