Stock Broker Fraud Representation in gulfport, Mississippi & new orleans, Louisiana

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Deceived by Financial Services or Broker Fraud?
Have you been defrauded by a supposed financial services expert or broker in Louisiana, Mississippi or elsewhere in the Southern U.S.?
With more than 33 years of service to people just like you our George W. Healy, IV & Associates lawyers have righted the wrongs in many cases of financial services or broker fraud. We know your rights, pursue them actively and protect them diligently with the hard work we do for you.
We have the kind of access to experts of our own — Tulane University academicians and respected brokerage houses, for example — that can make a difference in our quality representation of your interests. Our experienced attorneys want to do what they can to end false claims and other deceptive practices. We want unscrupulous businesspersons to know that their predatory behavior is not only unacceptable, it's illegal.
At George W. Healy, IV & Associates, we use our experience to rectify your financial situation, if you have been defrauded or otherwise victimized by financial malpractice, and bring your broker to justice. As soon as you contact us our Gulfport or New Orleans law offices can begin taking forceful action on your behalf.
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Healy & Associates Serve Mississippi & Louisiana Injury Clients
We take strong legal action on behalf of clients victimized by acts such as these:
  • Securities fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Unsuitable investments
  • Broker negligence
  • Failure to supervise
  • Breath of fiduciary duty
  • False promises
  • Misleading advice
  • Fraud related to variable annuities
  • Fraud related to universal life policies
We want to send a strong message to those who would prey on victims of financial services or broker fraud in Mississippi and Louisiana. You can help us, and help yourself, by contacting our law offices of George W. Healy, IV & Associates.
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That's all it takes to contact us if you seek strong legal assistance after being defrauded by financial services representatives or brokers. You can benefit from our 33-plus years of experience with representing people just like you.